A sixth generation "Mainer", I have spent many years on the coast and traveled throughout my dear home state.  The sky, land and water of Maine are "part and parcel" of my soul.  I consider myself a colorist intrigued with nature's combinations of hues and abstractions.

An oil painter and printmaker for many years, I continue to explore various media to create new works. Most recently, I have been exploring and producing encaustic pieces: using intaglio printmaking as a technique, painting with encaustic medium and oils and encasing pastels.

Encaustic painting is a technique used by Greeks to preserve and mend ships and it was discovered as early as 100-300 AD in Fayum mummy portraits from Egypt.  Encaustics have been used in worked by 20th century artists including Jasper Johns, Tony Scherman, Diego Rivera, and James Ensor.  Encaustic art has gained popularity since 1990's, being utilized to create complex mixed-media works.

The pastels started out being studies then became works in themselves. They are mounted and fused with encaustic medium. The paintings are created with the medium and oil pigment producing impasto textures and take on a life of their own resulting in pockmarks and swirls.

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